Sunday, November 09, 2008

UGG Boots Are 4 Guys Now!

Hey, if it works--go with it. UGG Boots have always been great-looking on women. Hotties like Pam Anderson got the ball rolling and other celebrity babes like Judy Tenuta, Star Jones, KT Boyle, Laurie Stapleton, Michelle Bogdon, Sally Struthers, Hillary Clinton and Linda Evans have all helped to make UGG Boots famous. But, guess what? Now the guys are wearing them too, including Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Andy Dick, Danny "The Greek" Rettig, Bettlejuice, Eric the Midget, Eric Gouldsberry, Alex Durbin, Jerry Lewis, Bruce Muiles and Tom Hanks. UGG Boots have crossed over, fellas! Do you have yours yet?

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