Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crib Notes

Why is this child so frazzled? What has happened to this toddler to make her so disheveled? Maybe it has to do with her crib bedding. Crib bedding is so important to a baby's early years, because it helps them get a good night's sleep or daytime nap, safe and sound in a well-designed, durable bedding set. Being in a crib cannot be a lot of fun. I used to climb out of mine all the time (or so I've been told -- my memory is fuzzy). has some of the finest crib bedding on the market today, in a wide range of fresh, vibrant color schemes and styles, with upholstered bumpers to make sure your little one(s) doesn't bump his or her head. If this kid's parents clicks through to, their toddler will feel better and her hair will probably return safely back to her scalp.

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