Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy Cats!

"Hey Ed, check this out!" Angelina said as she pointed out the back window.

"What the..?" I can't believe what I just saw, I thought, blinking as if clearing my brain and vision might give me a different result.

The neighbor's cats were jumping around as if being electrocuted, caught up in this weird, almost rthymic dance, bobbing and weaving, rising and falling, like two over-amped out-of-control marionettes.

"We better call the guy next door," Angelina said with a slight tinge of fear and confusion in her voice.

In minutes, our neighbor Danny The Greek was at the door. When he saw his two felines doing this strange ritual on our back lawn, he knew what had happened.

"Oh, no--not again," he exclaimed.

"Why are they doing that?" we both asked simultaneously.

"They got into my diet pills again. They must have eaten a handful each."

Just then one of the cats slammed into our back fence, nearly redeeming one of his nine lives.

"What? Your diet pills?" I asked.

"Yeah, they've done it before. They eat the pills and then act like this for a few days until the effect wears off. I hide them in the bathroom, but they always seem to find them."

"You need diet pills with less caffeine in them, Danny. If they're doing this to your cats, just think what they're doing to your system. I would check out, to find a less-speedy more healthy alternative."

"Thanks, man--I will." Danny promised as he started to leave.

"Hey, what about the cats?" Angelina inquired.

"Oh, they'll be like that for a few days. When they pass out, can you call me again and I'll come get them?"

"Sure," we replied.

It was going to be a long weekend.

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