Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Birds of Summer

The parrots have been back across the street feeding on juniper berries just like they do every summer starting around the Fourth of July and ending around the first week of August. They've stripped the bushes pretty well by now. I'll miss them when they don't come around anymore. It's an annual neighborhood event--kind of like our own swallows of San Juan Capistrano. Except these guys (or gals) hang out for five weeks and make the whole place a little brighter!


Meathead said...

Awesome pics, Ed!

KT said...

Ed, they are just beautiful! How lucky you are to be able to enjoy them each year! xxoo -- KT

Inga Huff said...

Are these the parrots from The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill? Loved this movie! Except the death of the blue headed parrot.

Nice blog. It kept me reading. I'll be returning.