Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Zootoo Review: It's Coming Rite at You!

If you have pets, you know how big a part of your life they are. Whether you have a dog (the #1 kind of pet to own, in my opinion) a cat, a bird, a turtle, a lizard, a ferret, a rat or even a monkey, a pet can brighten up your life and teach you a lot about yourself. I love both my dogs, Ratdog and Shelly (see photos). Since I don't have any children, they're just like my own kids! That's why I am so excited about a new web site called Zootoo is THE site for pets and their loving owners. Here's how it works: Zootoo allows pet owners to interact, share information, get pet news, enter contests, rate pet vendors, pet parks and animal shelters, and talk to fellow pet owners who have the same type and breed of pets that they own. Zootoo is THE new place for pet lovers to meet. It represents the most innovative way to help people learn more about their pets and how they can make their lives better. Zootoo is assembling a pet community with the purpose of helping pet owners help their pets. What else can you want if you're a pet person? I joined Zootoo recently, and I suggest you join too!


ed biddy said...

i love it

bo diddly said...

Hey, I died!