Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miami Is All the Rage! But, What About San Francisco?

The study that AutoVantage does about road rage every year came out recently and Miami won again. My question is—how the !@^$#& did San Francisco fail to make this list?
With Barry Bonds as our hometown hero (and as the home of BALCO), we’re obviously the Capitol of ‘Roid Rage in this country, if not the world. But, with all the accidents, pedestrian fatalities and physical assaults on drivers, how is it that we never seem to be able to make this list? Quite frankly, it’s an insult to the motorists of San Francisco.
We’re just going to have to work harder this year at cutting people off, tailgating, yelling at each other and exchanging the appropriate hand gestures. If everyone makes a concerted effort, I know we can do it!
Driving recklessly is not a privilege, it’s a right. So, let’s exercise our right to drive like complete a-holes a little more. If we can all just honk a little more, if we bend a few more fenders; run a few more lights and make more California stops at stop signs; if we can pass other vehicles at dangerously high speeds just a little more—we CAN make a difference!
Let’s show this country that San Francisco is in the Top 10 in everything we do!
This appeared on today:
NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - For the third consecutive year Miami has been voted the worst American city for road rage, according to a new survey.
The sunny Florida metropolis topped the poll of 25 cities because its drivers were the least courteous and most likely to run red lights, speed, text and talk on cell phone while driving.
It was followed by Boston, New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C. for the top five positions in the poll by Prince Market Research.
Pittsburgh was voted the most courteous city with Portland, Oregon not far behind. Seattle, Minneapolis and Cleveland were also cited as having the least road rage.
"The primary factor that we see year after year is that the Miami area is a combustible mix of two cultures on the road, and that is retirees out on a long leisurely drive, and young professionals on their way to work," said Todd Smith, of AutoVantage, a national auto club that commissioned the poll.
"We live in a fast-paced, gridlocked, multi-tasking world and that unfortunately has manifested dangerously on the roads, streets and highways across America," he added in an interview.
More than 2,500 Americans were asked in the telephone survey to identify factors which can lead to road rage. Talking on cell phones and sending texts and e-mails were cited the most.
Some of the more outrageous things people reported doing while behind the wheel were putting on makeup or shaving. Almost 50 percent said they were bothered by people who eat and drink while driving.
Other major causes for road rage incidents include speeding, tailgating, running red lights and changing lanes without signaling.

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