Thursday, March 06, 2008

Paris & Her Pets: It's a Doggone Shame!

For years now, we’ve been hearing about what an animal lover Paris Hilton is. Now we’re finding out that it’s all a sham.
As reported on several web sites and in a handful of blogs, Hilton uses local dog rescue groups as her personal mutt exchange. She’ll adopt a dog, and then when she tires of it, she will return it like a Gucci handbag. Then, the other day, authorities from the ASPCA found one of her dogs hungry and neglected in a closet.
A few years ago, readers of two dog magazines selected Hilton as the worst pet owner in show business, for treating animals like fashion accessories. Paris is always toting her frightened, little Chihuahua named Tinkerbell to parties and movie premieres. Every time I see the dog in photos, the poor thing looks terrified, and I can’t blame it. Chihuahuas are high strung and extremely nervous creatures as it is, so I’m sure the flashbulbs and screaming photographers can’t help.
I have one question. Does the dog ever urinate on her designer duds? I sure hope so. And another thing. What does Paris do with Tinkerbell once she goes into a party? Does she check him like a coat? At one point, Hilton lost Tinkerbell, and then replaced him with a smaller, cuter Chihuahua, and then eventually replaced that one with a ferret . She’s even been seen parading around with an illegal kinkajou monkey-thing. Good thing she’s not a fan of Meerkat Manor, or she’d probably want to buy a couple of them.
Whatever happens, readers of The NY Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines don't appreciate the way she takes care of her pets – and I can’t blame them. Hilton loves the idea of being a pet lover, but when it comes time to step up and take care of the creatures, she treats the poor animals like one of her many ex-boyfriends. Here today. Doggone tomorrow.
Paris should not be able to own pets unless she can be a responsible owner – just like the rest of us peons. No wonder her grandfather wrote her out of the will. She ‘s clueless, mindless, heartless and talentless. And hopefully soon – she’ll be pet-less as well.

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