Saturday, March 22, 2008

Can I Be a Fashionista?

I think it may be time to improve my appearance. I know I'll never be able to pull off the outfit in the above photo, but maybe I can step it up in the clothing department a little bit. For those of you who know me, you're aware of the fact that I am not a fancy dresser. I have improved my look since meeting my lovely fiancee Angelina, but I am still very far from being a GQeek or a Fashinonista. I know several guys who like to dress well. They spend a lot of $$ on things like nice suits, Italian leather shoes, expensive jackets, etc. They shop at high-end men's clothing stores and drop the big bux. Me, I am more comfortable wearing football jerseys and sweat pants. I have two suits that I wear for work and that's it. Maybe I should be buying my clothes from and look into some of the great men's fashion trends they're obviously on top of.

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