Friday, February 29, 2008

A Great New Deal from Hyped Up Sports!

A company named Hyped Up Sports recently announced an incredible new concept that I believe will be the newest innovation in the world of sports collectibles and autographs by top athletes. They are offering their customers the chance to send their coveted memorabilia to Upper Deck for signing. We’re not talking scrubs or non-celebrity athletes here. We’re talking about the greatest names in sports today, like Tiger Woods (the greatest golfer in the history of golf); Michael Jordan (the greatest b-baller in the history of pro basketball); Lebron James (possibly will be the greatest of all time by the time he’s done playing); Kobe Bryant (who will most likely take his Lakers to the NBA Finals this season -- see photo.); and Kevin Durant. This is an incredible program, because it allows fans to get their favorite items autographed. Maybe you have a painting of Tiger or Jordan. Maybe you have a game worn jersey that Kobe wore when he won his NBA championships with Shaq. Or you might possibly own a pair of tennis shoes from King Lebron’s rookie year. The most important thing about this promotion is that YOU make the decision on what you want signed. You're in control! And you know that it will be an authentic autograph, excellent for mounting, framing and putting in a place of prominence in your home or office. Hyped Up Sports is really stepping up with this one, so take advantage of this great sports collectibles deal today!

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