Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Osbournes Don't Want Love in Their Lives

As reported by AOL, two of music's most outspoken women just keep on throwing punches at each other. Courtney Love vehemently denies Sharon Osbourne's claims that she introduced Osbourne's son, Jack, to OxyContin. "I never did that. I would never give drugs to a teenager. F--- you, Sharon -- as if I would ever give drugs to a teenager," Love said last week in London.

Today, Osbourne fired back, telling the New York Daily News, "I'm glad she doesn't like me. I only pity her. She's a virus. I don't want her anywhere near people I love. The cold, hard fact is she's a has-been."

I agree with Sharon. I don't want Courtney near anyone I love, either. I wouldn't want her around anybody I don't even like, for that matter.

Love, in my opinion, is a talentless hack who latched on to Kurt Cobain and rode his coat tails for way too long. I never liked her band Hole and she’s a terrible actress as well. The only movie that she was even halfway decent in was the one about Larry Flynt – in which she played a drugg addicted, falling down drunk. In other words, she played herself.

Every time I see Love on TV or in a photo, she looks like she’s been up for weeks partying. All the plastic surgery in the world can’t hide her haggard look and vacant stare.

I would not be at all surprised if Love gave Jack Osbourne OxyContin. Why would Sharon make up something like that? And what is Jack’s motivation for lying? When The Osbournes' reality show was the hottest thing on TV, one of the things I couldn’t believe was how the Osbourne kids could get into LA clubs and drink without IDs. It just proves that if you’re a celebrity, you can do pretty much whatever you want to, especially in Los Angeles.

Thank God Jack has cleaned up his act and embraced sobriety. The kid was well on his way to being another drug casualty, but he got a clue and turned his life around – no thanks to Love, no doubt.

In September, Osbourne told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "I will never have time for Courtney Love. She was the first person to give my son Jack the prescription drug OxyContin. There's not a shadow of doubt in my mind about that."

"My dislike towards her is very personal," Osbourne continued. "I'm not saying Jack wouldn't have taken it if she hadn't given it to him, but I'm appalled that an adult mother would give that to a 15-year-old boy. How could she do that to someone else's child?"

Love asserts she had never heard of OxyContin until she met Jack. She added, "It was the first time I was ever introduced to the pills." Jack's use of the painkillers landed him in rehab in 2003. He's been clean since, and he recently wrote an autobiography called '21 Years Gone.'

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