Thursday, July 05, 2007

BackGammon Masters Offers Games with NO RAKE!!

BackgammonMasters is now offering poker games with NO RAKE. For those of you who aren’t hip to the online gaming scene, a Rake is when the web site takes some of your money for every hand you play. It’s also known as a house commission. It’s how they keep the site up, but it can also add up if you play a lot. BackgammonMasters has been a real long-standing winner for people are into playing online backgammon. Now they’ve added Poker for real money to their All-in-One-Lobby repertoire, which is really cool. Since day one, BackgammonMasters has been gaining a reputation of excellence with the backgammon community. They’re known for having the most realistic sound and graphics in the industry today. Poker fans can jump in now, too – they’ll have the option of logging into 3 game tables simultaneously. Newbies can also play any of the no charge fun mode games to learn the ropes and practice their skills before putting any of their $$ on the line! Poker is the newest addition, but don’t forget that they also have Backgammon and Perudo. These guys know what they’re doing and will be adding new games in the near future. BackgammonMasters is the one of the biggest communities of players interacting with each other through their real-time chat option. They’re the very best out there, in my opinion. So, check ‘em out, yo!

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I love backgammon almost as much as I love ping-pong!