Friday, June 01, 2007 Wine, Dine & Find It Online!

I am proud to announce that writing restaurant reviews for my blog during the past year (48 total) has finally paid off. I recently landed a great gig doing reviews for an exciting Web site called This is the ultimate site for foodies and people who like to eat out. Their tagline is “Wine, Dine and Find It Online.” I have never seen such a comprehensive listing of restaurants in my life. Name a city in the United States and has numerous restaurants with reviews from that city on their site. Not only that, but they also have a wide range of additional features, like where to find catering companies; an online bartender that will tell you how to make any cocktail you could possibly think of; wine reviews; and a wonderful set of food and beverage glossaries, defining terms on sushi, coffee, cooking, beer, tea, wine, spirits and cigars. As I write more for, I’ll keep you updated about this great site. I’m really excited to be working with them! If there’s one thing I like more than writing it’s food!

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Gary Shonnaker said...

I am a big Chowbaby fan! The site is awesome and we use it all the time. Way to go! I'll be looking for your reviews on there. Count on it.