Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Amy and Joey: A Romance Revisited

It’s like a bad rash that won’t go away. Most of us want to forget it ever happened, but the two main parties involved won’t let it fade away. No, I’m not talking about Brad and Jennifer, John and Jessica or even Ann and Ellen. I’m talking about Amy and Joey. And I don’t know why I’m even wasting my time.

Joey Buttafuoco and his Long Island Lolita, Amy Fisher, renewed their highly dysfunctional relationship last week with their first date in 15 years. The man and the girl who tried to kill his wife and is now all grown-up, had their big night out in Port Jefferson, Long Island.

A torrid affair between the auto mechanic and his underage lover dampened in 1992 when Fisher shot Buttafuoco's then-wife, Mary Jo, in the head, but recent circumstances evidently made Joey's heart grow fonder for Fisher.

"We started talking when Joey was in jail," Fisher said.

Buttafuoco, 53, recently ended a three-month stint in a California slammer for ammunition possession.

Joey's current spouse and Amy's husband both recently served them with divorce papers.
That set the stage for last night's "date" at swanky Pace's Steakhouse.

Fisher, now 32, was dressed to the nines in a shapely dark sleeveless halter dress and heels.
Buttafuoco appeared almost chivalrous as he offered Amy his arm and held an umbrella to protect her from the ominous storm clouds.

They dined on oysters on the half shell and surf and turf, according to inside sources. They shared chocolate mousse and creme brulée for dessert.

Cynics have said the get-together is about money rather than love. A TV producer is shopping a reality show about Amy and Joey.

I cannot believe that this is anything more than a media stunt. How can Joey Buttafuoco be so callous? This is the woman who attempted to kill his wife at the time. The only reason Mary Jo isn’t dead is because Amy was high on drugs and is obviously a lousy shot.
What must Joey’s children think? The guy is a philanderer, a cheat, a skirt chasing dirt bag and now he wants to re-visit an affair that almost ended up in his ex-wife’s death?

When I hear about stuff like this, it makes me realize that the only reason we’re above chimps on the evolutionary scale is because we were lucky enough to get opposable thumbs.

Joey and Amy are my Douche Bags of the Month for May and are definitely in the running for the annual award!

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