Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ratdog Reviews Bella & Daisy's Doggy Boutique

Ratdog has been hired by to do a series of reviews about popular pet places in the Bay Area, including dog-friendly hotels, retsurants, parks and stores. This is his first review, so bear with him.

There’s a great place a couple blocks from where we live on Union Street in SF called Bella & Daisy’s Dog Bakery and Boutique. Just thinking about the place has my little tail wagging a mile a minute. Bella & Daisy’s offers a full range of exclusive products for your favorite pooch: practical and more decorative high-end collars, coats and sweaters, fashionable carriers, books, aromatherapy, beautiful beds, a wide variety of foods (including raw foods), and every kind of treat you could imagine: fresh baked and made to order birthday cakes, cannoli’s, doggie donuts, carob-dipped pretzels, doggie latte cookies, “dog stickers,” sushi cookies, and more! All for the one you really love! My masters take me to Bella & Daisy’s when I’ve been a good dog, which is a lot. Once in a while I get in their doghouse for barking or humping the ottoman, in which case I don’t get to go to Bella & Daisy’s. I especially love the doggy pastries there – just thinking about them has me drooling all over the carpet. My favorites are the doggy dim sum and the cupcakes. And best of all – they have bones! Every type of dog treat imaginable can be sniffed out at Bella & Daisy’s. They’ve got Zuke’s Treats, Greenies, Nutro, Mother’s Finest Dog Cookies, Old Mother Hubbard, Flossies and more. All of the treats are made with the finest healthy ingredients, meaning I won’t get heartburn or gas. It really doesn’t matter, because my master blames me when he’s gassy anyway. Sometimes a mutt just can’t win! They also have a place at Bella & Daisy’s called Kitty Korner, although I’ve never seen a cat in the place. If I did, I’d 86 it, because, in my opinion, B&D’s is for dogs only. We don’t want no cats in our place! Some of the events that they have at Bella & Daisy’s are real fun, too. Around Christmas, you can get your picture taken with Santa Claus. I liked his beard but he smelled like vodka! They also have book signings, doggy psychic readings, and special dog training sessions by top trainers. But, the best thing at B&D’s has to be the Yappy Hour every Friday evening from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. They have wine and cheese for the dog owners and all kinds of treats for us doggies. Everyone dresses up in their finest cocktail wear and it’s a Par-ty! I met a Great Dane there last week and we exchanged collar tags. Who knows? It could be puppy love! Bella & Daisy’s is located at 1750 Union Street, between Octavia and Gough in San Francisco. Their phone number is: (415) 440-7007. Their web site is:


Fido Baggins said...

From one leg humper to another -- thanks for the review, Ratdog. Maybe I'll see you this week at Yappie Hour. I'll be wearing the ugly green sweater my idiot owner bought me for Christmas!

Suzie Sucklet said...

I would love to meet Ratdog. Do you think he might like to suck on the teet of a 68-year old skank with dangling mammaries?