Thursday, January 25, 2007

This Week's Restaurant Review: Capers in Campbell

Some restaurants just make you feel good. Whenever you go into the kind of place that makes you feel this way, you leave happy and content in the knowledge that you’ve had a great meal at a reasonable price and that the people who run the place have treated you well. There are a lot of pitfalls and obstacles that human beings can run into when dining out. Maybe the chef is having a bad day. Maybe the bartender just lost a big bet. Or maybe the waitress who is serving you is nursing a hangover from the night before. A lot can go wrong when you eat out. And a lot can go right. I have eaten at Capers in Campbell at least two dozen times and I have never had a bad experience, which says a lot, because anyone can have a bad day. Being consistently good is what separates great restaurants from mediocre ones. Capers is one of those restaurants that takes a professional and compassionate approach to its patrons. As soon as you enter the front door and are greeted by Owner Kam Rasavi, you feel good. Kam has been in the business of serving diners for several decades and the man is just a pleasure to be around – always smiling and always interested in making sure that your time in his establishment is enjoyable and that nothing goes wrong. The food at Capers can best be described as casual continental cuisine. From creative seafood entrees and appetizers to hearty meat and poultry selections, Capers has a varied menu that I’ve never tired of delving into. Sure, I have my favorites – like the Carpacio ($9.95), finely pounded filet of beef with capers, chopped onion, garlic-olive oil, mustard-melon aioli and toastettes; or the Blackened Pork Chops ($16.95), two five ounce chops, blackened and topped with a salsa fresca, are a couple items I’ve had more than once. But, by far the one dish that stands out the most at Capers is the Capers Meatloaf ($12.95), homemade with celery, onion mustard, swiss cheese and smoked ham, topped with a wild mushroom demi-glaze sauce. I am a huge meatloaf fan. Maybe that’s why I’m so huge. But, the meatloaf at Caper’s is by far the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s made with grade prime beef, cooked to perfection and oozes juices that I can only describe as sublime. Meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food for me – it reminds me of eating at home when I was ten years old, watching the Ed Sullivan Show with my parents. I wax nostalgic when I sink my teeth into a good meatloaf – and Capers serves the very best there is. I can also recommend the Grilled Marinated Flank Steak ($16.95); the Panko-Crusted Chicken Breast ($13.95); and the Baked Orange Rough Fettucine ($15.95). All are well-prepared, fresh and unforgettable. Capers is in Campbell at 1710 West Campbell Avenue, Their phone number is: (408) 374-5777. Ask for Kam – he’ll make you feel like his number one customer and you’ll find yourself coming back to see him again. Capers is that kind of place.

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