Saturday, January 06, 2007

The NFC Wild Card Playoffs

Some NFL teams waltz into the postseason, while others sneak through by the skin of their teeth. The two dominate teams in each conference get to watch the playoffs on TV this week, but everybody else in this exclusive tournament is playing today and tomorrow. The Bears, Saints, Chargers and Ravens are the luckiest ones, but the way things went in the NFL this season, I think every team should just feel grateful to be there. Yesterday I did my AFC Wild Card Weekend selections, so today it’s the NFC.


Dallas at Seattle

Both these teams are lucky to be in the playoffs and should be thankful that they’re playing each other. The Seahawks are by far the weakest team in the postseason, in my opinion. They have the talent, there’s no denying that. And the team’s core offensive players – QB Matt Hasselbeck, RB Shaun Alexander and WR Darrell Jackson – are all healthy, although Jackson continues to be bothered by a turf toe. But, if they are going to win, the Seahawks will have to pass the ball and take advantage of the Cowboys’ suspect defensive backs. Dallas has surrendered 14 TD passes within the last month, so they can be defeated in the air. The Cowboys, once seemingly a lock to win the NFC East title, limped into the postseason and will have to do just about everything right to win this one. QB Tony Romo has looked terrible since the New Orleans debacle, but I believe that RB’s Julius Jones and Mrion Barber, along with WR’s Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn and Patrick Crayton will generate enough offense to upset the hapless Seahawks.

New York at Philadelphia

This will be the most entertaining of the four Wild Card matchups this weekend, in my opinion. Philly QB Jeff Garcia saved the day and the Eagles’ season when Donovan McNabb was injured, and the Eagles have soared since. There’s no team with more momentum, which is huge during the playoffs. With RB Brian Westbrook and TE L.J. Smith to complement Garcia, this team is poised to make a run. Conversely, the Giants are a team in disarray, but because they’re so talented and just grateful to be in the playoffs, I think they’re going to give the Eagles a tough game. NY QB Eli Manning shows moments of brilliance, and RB Tiki Barber is going to be playing like it’s the last game of his career (which it could be.) I like Philly in this one, but only because they’re at home and have the better defense.


Tom Vascholi said...

You would have had the Dallas game pretty much on the money if Romo doesn't screw the pooch. You had the spread right anyway, so if people had bet based on your pick (for entertainment purposes only, of course) they would have won.

Benji Booyay said...

4 for 4, my man! You had Philly by 3, they won by 3. You had New England by just 4, and they crushed the Jets, but so what, you had the winner. Dallas covered, which you predicted, and you had the margin of victory within 2 points on the Indy game. NIIIIIIIICCCCCCCEEEEEEE!
(and thanks!)
I can't wait for your pix for next weekend!