Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More Yuckfest photos

Photo 1: The Marines were out in full force.

Photo 2: Grateful Don kicked ass as lead vocalist for Chubby's All-Stars

Photo 3: Every year, it's great to see Mad Dog, the roadie for Chubby's All-Stars


Didier Loquaiso said...

Did this year's Yuckfest rock or what? Great job, Ed -- we had a wonderful time. The band was great, Viv Savage blew the roof off the joint, and you were hilarious as always. Kudo, to you, my man!

Tom Shine/Todd Axtell said...

The Fest was awesome. We were there, you just didn't see us. We were way in the back. Congrats!

michelle bogdon said...

What a super fun evening. I love the Yuckfest and I promise I'll be there next year for #10!