Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ohio State Who? Michigan Who?

All season long, all I’ve been hearing about is Michigan and Ohio State, over and over again ad nauseam, the Wolverines and the Buckeyes, and how they’re so dominant and how there’s no doubt that they will be the only teams playing in the BCS Championship when it’s all said and done. Since the very beginning, I’ve been more than skeptical. I have just never seen it. And yesterday, my feelings were reinforced and were proven to be justified in a BIG WAY! Sure, both teams won, but they definitely struggled against no-name teams. Michigan beat Ball State by 8, 34-26. Ball State is a team that lost to North Dakota State, Northern Illinois and Western Michigan. Their offense looked like the Indianapolis Colts against the so-called mighty Blue and Gold. Ball State had a chance to tie the game with two minutes to go! And Michigan is #2? On the other hand, Ohio State barely triumphed over an Illinois team that lost to non-entities like Ohio, Syracuse, Iowa and Penn State and has pretty much been the embarrassment of the Big Ten. The Buckeyes got out to a fairly impressive 17-0 lead in the first half Saturday and then couldn’t score a single point in the second half against a deplorable defense while giving up 10. Sure, weaker teams are going to get pumped up and play way beyond their abilities when they go up against powerhouse schools like Michigan and Ohio State, and granted they did not lose. But, doesn’t the BCS take poor showings like this into account when calculating their rankings? I guess we’ll see next week. If the BCS is worth anything, Louisville should move WAY UP in points and both Ohio State and Michigan should drop considerably. I’m not saying they shouldn’t stay #1 and #2 respectively, I’m just saying that dominant undefeated teams worth anything play well week after week, and don’t put in the kind of performances we saw yesterday. If Louisville runs the table, there is no doubt in my mind they should be in the BCS Final. But, because they’re not a big school with a big name and $uper rich alumni, just watch the BCS deny them a chance. Until college football picks the top eight teams and has a playoff series every year, teams like Louisville will most surely get screwed. Just watch!

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Anonymous said...

I agree. The BCS is a lot of BS, man! Boise State should be #4!!