Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Teenager Terrorist Threat Thwarted!

A 14-year-old girl in Sacramento put an anti-Bush message on her myspace.com page. I guess it showed a picture of our president with a dagger stuck in his outstretched hand, with the words, “Kill Bush” scrawled beneath it. The girl was pissed off by the war in Iraq. She removed the message from her myspace page as soon as she learned in school that is was a no-no to post such material, but by then it was apparently too late. The Secret Service came by her classroom a week later and aggressively questioned her. They must believe that she’s a legitimate terrorist threat. Maybe they suspect that she’s hoarding bomb-making devices in her hair gel, or possibly plotting against the government during afternoon recess. They painstakingly combed through her pom-poms, her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, her fruit juice boxes and pudding cups, as well as her Little Miss Kitty backpack and Justin cowboy boots. They also made her empty out all her piercings and remove all of her temporary tattoos. Thank God our government is so on top of stuff like this. Next thing you know, kindergartners will be transporting terrorist correspondence in pop-up picture books and nerf balls. They may even start trying to involve celebrities like Barney and the Cookie Monster in their conspiratorial acts. Nip this stuff in the bud before these kids learn about things like Freedom of Speech and the Right of Assembly. Hats off to our government for making sure these children grow up to be just as frightened as their parents.
(Please Note: Wow! I am getting a lot of nasty e-mails on this one. So, let me say this. I don't think it was right for this young lady to use the words, "Kill Bush." I am in no way condoning that. Maybe if she had written, "Bush Stinks!" or "I Don't Like Bush!" or even "I Hate Bush!" that would have been a little smarter on her part. When you write "Kill (anyone)" it comes off like a death threat and that will upset people every time and rightfully so. I was simply trying to help people see the humor in this incident. Some of you should really just chill...)


Pecker said...

Such a sweet picture of the terrorist girl and her mother? Her 5:00 shadow throws me. Didn't she used to be a man? Probably a goddamned Democrat They are so good at including everybody and every viewpoint...unless you disagree with them. Then you are mean spirited or phobic.
Like the President or not, Demo or Repub., personal attacks and threats are not free speech.

Anonymous said...

Man, you sound like a fricking liberal. When are you going to see the light? I admit, the posting is funny, but right now in this time of terror, we don't need a jester. Laugh your ass off, funnyman. Let's see how much you're laughing when Al Qaeda is knocking at your door!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until that little girl becomes old enough, so that we can elect her president.