Saturday, October 21, 2006

2007 MLB World Series: The Cats Will Land on Their Feet & The Cardinals Will Be Their Kitty Litter

A replay of the first World Series I remember, (1968, Detroit won 4-3) this one should be fun to watch on a lot of different levels. We have two veteran managers with two very similar styles, both leading teams with superstars and role players galore. One of them will join Sparky Anderson as the only manager in the history of the game to win a World Series in each league. Detroit has a distinct advantage going into the series, primarily because the Tigers have had a good long rest and Jim Leyland has the option of setting up his starters in any order he desires. The Cardinals are at a real disadvantage because their best hurler, Cy Young award winner Chris Carpenter, will not be able to start until Game 3. With a rotation of Verlander, Rogers, Bonderman and Robertson, the Cats are going to be tough to hit, especially since St. Lou’s best hitter, Albert Puljos, can be pitched around without too many repercussions. On the other hand, Detroit’s lineup is stacked with smart, young hitters like Rodriguez, Ordonez, Casey, and Granderson. The fans in both cities will be bouncing off the stadium walls, but my guess is that the Detroit Tigers will win it in 6.
But, what do I know? I picked the Mets and the White Sox to be in this year’s World Series, with the Chisox coming out as a repeat winner. That was a bad pick!

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Anonymous said...

St. Louis won Game 1. They will win the series in 4. You are an idiot.