Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tigers, White Sox and Dodgers, Oh My! Three MLB Teams Will Fold at the Finish!

It’s crunch time in the major leagues and I can see three teams in particular that are poised to fold. The Detroit Tigers are the first one. After an incredible season that shocked just about everyone in the baseball world, they are limping to the finish line. Their young players haven’t been in this situation at this level before, and they are starting to show their true stripes. I predict that the Minnesota Twins will pass them up and win the division. The Tigers should really thank the Chicago White Sox, because it looks like Detroit will sneak in as the wild card even if they fold, because the pale hose are looking even sicklier down the stretch. The Oakland A’s can sweep them with a win today, which they will, because the Chisox don’t look anything like the World Champs of last year. The third team preparing to crumble, I believe, is the Los Angeles Dodgers. They're a little too old at some positions and a little too inexperienced at others, I think, to fight off the well-managed, balanced and aggressive San Diego Padres. I hope I’m wrong, and a lot will be decided today and tomorrow when they play the second half of a four-game series with San Diego, but I just have a scary feeling that the boys in blue are going to be saying boo-hoo by the time this whole thing is through!

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