Sunday, September 10, 2006

My NFL Playoff/Super Bowl Predictions

I already selected my NFC/AFC playoff teams earlier this week. Here are my Division and Super Bowl picks:

In the NFC, I see the Seahawks and the Giants in the Final. I think the NYG will win it all in this one. I believe Eli Manning will improve as the season progresses, and I also think the Giants' D will jell over time. So, I'm picking the New York Giants to win the NFC.

In the AFC Final, I see the Bengals and the Colts. I love Pittsburgh, but I just think teams will be gunning for them all year long and they'll probably run into some injuries. NFL teams really get psyched when they play the Super Bowl Champs, and I just believe that over the course of an entire season, the Steel Curtain will develop holes. I then see Indianapolis beating Cincy, primarily due to the fact that they've been there more.

So, it's the Giants and the Colts in the Super Bowl, a replay of tonight's game. It will be a really fun matchup, the press will have a major field day with the matchup of Eli vs. Peyton, and I think little brother beats his big bro in a tight contest.

Final score: New York: 34 Indy: 28

If I'm right about this stuff (which is doubtful) New York Giants' fans will be smiling from ear-to-ear, just like in the above photo.

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