Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Smell Playoffs!

I went to the LA vs. SF game last night at AT&T Park and saw the Dodgers pull out a rare ninth inning victory over their hated rivals. The Dodgers have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs now. If they can beat the Giants today or if the Philadelphia Phillies lose this morning, they are assured a spot in the postseason as a wild card entry at the very least. The also have a chance to win the NL West, because they are now tied with the San Diego Padres. Last night, the Giants' fans were out in droves, cheering wildly at a sold out game. The orange and black squad was eliminated from the playoff picture last week, so all they're really rooting for at this point is the opportunity to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs. In a way, I think that's kind of pathetic. It has to be an empty feeling for Giants' fans. It's like, "We've failed, so now we're going to find joy in spoiling it for you." The bottom line is that the Giants and their fans are going to be watching the playoffs on TV, while the Dodgers have a very good chance of continuing their season. I'm not too confident that the Blue Crew will do very well in the postseason -- Nomar Garciaparra looked like he was really hurting last night and one of their best starting pitchers, Brad Penny, is injured -- but at least they'll be there. There was this one Giants' fan sitting right in front of us last night, and every time we cheered for the Dodgers he turned around and gave us the nastiest look. It was like we had farted or something! He kept doing it and it was so annoying. In the old days I probably would have gotten it into him, but the new Ed just stared right back at the clown. Some people! Anyway, I got to meet Keifer Sutherland and Orlando Cepeda at the game last night, which made the whole evening that much more fun!
Go Dodgers! Win it today!

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