Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What the hell, Mel!!

Mel Gibson is in trouble. He said a bunch of anti-semitic stuff when he got pulled over for a DUI in Southern California recently. Why do people blame the Jews for everything? Did the Jews force you to drink, Mel? Did the Jews hypnotize you and make you drive that night? Did the Jews coerce you into being an alcoholic? Were the Jews behind "Mad Max, Under the Thunder Dome"? Why is it that whenever some people screw up their lives, they blame the Jews? You're a drunk Mel, and that has nothing to do with Jewish people, the Jewish religion and/or Israel. Personally, I'm not Jewish, but I am so, so tired of everyone capping on them.
Get into rehab, Mel. When you sober up, maybe you'll realize that the biggest enemy you have isn't Jewish -- it's you!

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