Saturday, August 26, 2006

There Gone Be Some Malice in Dat Palace!

If you have never seen a mixed martial arts cage fighting event like this, you are missing out. Sure, it’s violent! But, no more than trying to walk in San Francisco and not getting hit by a taxi cab or a pizza delivery car! Malice at the Palace is taking place on Saturday night, September 9th at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, and will feature some of the top fighters in the sport, including Urijah Faber, Nam Phan, Jake Shields, Spence, Gunderson, Ebersole Murphy, Metcalf, Sims, Guillena, Coronel, Marks, Wray, Solis, Baca, Dietz, Cordosa, Humphries, McMillian, Crispim and Werneck. There will also be a special appearance by super cage fighter Chuck Liddell, although he's not fighting. (I only put the last names of the lesser-known fighters in here, but I made sure to put all of them in there to avoid one fighter getting pissed and kicking my ass!) Tickets range in price from $45 for working stiffs like you and I, all the way up to $250 for high-rollin' play-ahs!

This type of fighting only became legal in California earlier this year, with the first mixed martial arts cage fight in the state having taken place in San Jose’s HP Pavilion. To view the TV commercial for the Malice at the Palace, visit: This is no-holds-barred mano vs. mano fighting – the real s—t! Not like some boxing matches where guys waltz around the ring like ballroom dancers and hug each other for 12 rounds. This is like the old Roman days in the Coliseum, except that the losers don’t get fed to the lions. (That’s not legal yet, but just wait!) Hope to see you there!

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