Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's a Love Haight Relationship!

Yesterday I met with Jeremy Bates, the owner and editor of the Haight-Ashbury Beat and he gave me my first writing assignment! The Haight Ashbury-Beat is a monthly community newspaper dedicated to news and features about the Haight Street section of SF. This means that I have now received a total of three writing gigs since I started this blog. I am also writing for a new Web site about SF and its many sites and attractions called “City Hike”, and I am in the process of working with Jerry Hart, the brother of Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, on a book called, “Grateful but Not Dead.” This blog has really helped me get my writing seen and if you’re reading this right now, thanks! Everything I write for the Beat will also appear on my blog, so stay tuned. This could get very interesting. For an online version of the Haight-Ashbury Beat, visit:

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