Friday, August 18, 2006

Is Owen Wilson a Marriage Crasher?

Please Note: You'll start to see a lot of celebrity-bashing articles on this blog from time to time, because I'm writing for a Web site that has hired me to do them.

I get so tired of hearing about stars and starlets hooking up on movie sets. If I was married to a hot-looking actress, there is absolutely no way I would let my wife alone for a second with some of the lecherous lead actors who have no respect for marriage and will steal your wife in the blink of an eye. Julia Roberts made a career of it; Meg Ryan pretty much ruined her career with all the bad publicity she got for hooking up with Russell Crowe on the set of some movie no one even remembers anymore. And now Owen Wilson has swept Kate Hudson off her feet. Wilson & Hudson (sounds like a law firm) have been working together on the set of the new movie, “Me and Dupree,” with Matt Dillon, and I guess when they went off to do publicity for the film, Owen and Kate started sharing hotel rooms together and obviously the sparks started to fly. As soon as Hudson got home she informed her hubby of 5.5 years, Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson, that it was over. If I were Robinson, I would be livid and looking for Wilson with a Louisville Slugger in hand. I remember hearing Hudson and Robinson on some radio show a few months back talking about how they’re able to make their marriage work with commitment and trust. Ha! What a crock! Hudson better watch herself. Meg Ryan’s career evaporated when fans stopped seeing her as “America’s Cutey/Girl Next Door” and started looking at her as “Tawdry Home wrecker.” We’ll have to see how this plays out, but from what I’ve heard and read so far, all I can say is shame on you, Owen. Aren’t there enough single women out there for you to prey on?

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