Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Comedy Performance at Rooster T. Feathers a Success! (6/28/06)

I did a set the other night at Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale and had a really great time. I brought a bunch of audience to the show with me (thanks for your support, folks!) so I got a good slot late in the evening when everyone had hopefully exceeded their 2-drink minimums, so that was good. It was a fun crowd and they were into it and that was definitely nice. A bad open mic/showcase is a waste of time because you can’t try out new jokes, which is the whole purpose of performing at these kinds of gigs. Heather Woodhull, the owner of Roosters who used to perform standup herself, treats the comics pretty decently, which is highly unusual in this business. A lot of club owners make a career out of discouraging young comics and treating them like guano. But, Heather is very supportive, even with some if the newer comics who are just getting their feet wet.
I did some new jokes. I opened with a joke about Starr Jones being kicked off The View, but I guess it was a little too harsh and I got some dirty looks from some of the women in the crowd. That didn’t slow me down for even a mili-second, however, because I went right to my next bit about medical marijuana, and that killed. From there I was rolling and I thought, all in all, I did pretty well. The best comic I saw that night was a guy from San Francisco named Mike Cappozzola. His material was fresh, his delivery was polished and his timing was impeccable. He closed the show with a headliner’s flourish. Turns out the guy is also a cartoonist, a photographer and works as the Promotions Director for the Quake, 960 AM, Progressive Talk Radio. Also: Special thanks to my wonderful girlfriend who came to see me perform at Rooster’s the other night. I know how much she hates going to these things, because she was a comic herself for many years, and she’s been through all the b%%&!t before, but she comes out to support me and I love her for that. (thanks, baby!) For her sake, I will get funny!
For great comedy and a really fun night out, Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale is the place to go in the South Bay. Tell the Owner Heather Woodhull that I sent you -- and who knows -- maybe she'll let me host the show one of these days. Their web site is: www.roostertfeathers.com.

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