Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doing the Orlando Dance

My wife isn't 100% onboard for Orlando this summer. We're going to a family reunion in New York in August, and my brother and his wife are planning to go to Disney World and all of the Orlando resorts they have time to visit. My wife has been stalling about the subject for quite some time. The last time I brought it up, all she wanted to talk about was Orlando Bloom, the actor. Now, this time, I mentioned it and she starts dropping Orlando Cepeda's statistics and biographical factoids on me in rapid succession. Where did this come from, I'm wondering? Why all the interest all of a sudden for the "Baby Bull?" She's avoiding the subject. I have never been to Disney World or the Orlando resorts and I want to go there and my wife is not warm on the idea. That's the bottom line. But, I'm not done working on here about it yet. Stay tuned.